[SNMP4J] ThreadPool in a J2EE environment

Brice Fines bfines at sermepa.es
Fri Apr 17 09:35:24 CEST 2009

Hi Frank,

You are right, double pooling would not make sense (having ThreadPool 
getting threads from the server was not a good idea), but it is not my 
My main concern is not to start application-threads in a J2EE environment.
Starting applications threads is unsupported and sometimes not allowed by 
J2EE servers. There seems to be various reason for that: the container is 
unaware of application-threads and will not be able to control them/shut 
them down, transaction support, cluster support, resource allocation 
management on server, scalability,...). According to EJB 2.1 
specifications it is not allowed, according to servlet 2.3/2.4 it is 
unsupported and not recommended.

Thus, maybe ThreadPool could become an interface, and, this way, we could 
have an implementation using server resources (a J2EE compatible 
ThreadPoolImpl) and pass it to the MultiThreadedMessageDispatcher 
Do you thing that could be a solution?

I will have a look a SNM4J-Agent.


(some links on the application threads in J2EE topic:


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